Friday, September 18, 2009


Did I tell y'all our "big" computer broke? I have had my "little" netbook all week... so I have had no access to tons of stuff. Wah. I also have had a stack of bananas from the yard and fed the kids, the turtles, the lizards and still have more to go. Which reminded me of when I worked in a raw bar-that was part of a restaurant built on the back porch of a house that was built in the 1800'some of my jobs was doing appetizers, salads and desserts. I used to have to shuck dozens of oysters, devein tons of shrimp, bake rolls and muffins..and. the leftovers at the end of the night went out feed the assorted fish in the intra coastal.Oh yes... the banana cake- aw that was so good. So I am trying to recreate the cake by memory today. We'll see how it goes. It wasn't overly banana-y not at all like a banana bread, and it was a nice caramel color and the frosting was a light cream cheese-fluffy though..not heavy. Hmmm, I hope I can do it! Ok! GIVEAWAY! Thanks to your suggestion 5th sister I was able to contact 2 of the 3 winners. (thanks!) This weeks contest holds another question to answer and a deadline for claiming prize! Here's the scoop:

Question #1 Should I keep the name "The Domestic Mama" for the new site or change it to "The Village Cook"? I own both domains...I just don't want to confuse my readers!

Question#2 What is your favorite regional cuisine? I am going to be doing regional segments because we have so many ethnicity's here and I'd like to know your input!

Two winners will be chosen , the deadline for entry is 12am Thursday, Sept 24th
winners will be chosen at random by each entry being assigned a number and 2 numbers drawn out of a bag by a kid. (either mine or the ones across the street!)

The prizes? A goody box that includes a cookbook, a personalized magnet, and a few unique food items that you probably can't find unless ya live in south Florida! (no, it's not anything perishable-post office wouldn't go for that!) Good luck guys!


heather @ what's blooming this week said...

Hi Michelle

Firstly, welcome to the Foodie Blogroll - I love being part of it and discovering new blog every day. Answers to your giveaway questions:

1) If you are going to a blog about other things than just food, stick to the Domestic Mama. But I must admit I love the name "Village Cook" - it sounds enticing.

2) My favorite regional American cuisine is Southwestern - we don't get much of it here in Canada and when we do it's not done well. I have fond memories of a trip to Santa Fe years ago and LOVING the food.

Sherry Hernandez said...

1. I think that I like the name "Domestic Mama" better, it sound like something we can all relate to. Make's you recipes sound easy and home-y.

2. My favorite regional cuisine is Mexican (is that regional?). Well, anyhow it is wonderful, full of different flavors. Ceviche, Pozole, Menudo, Carne en su Jugo, Flan, Mole, Bionicos just to name a few of my favorite!

jackie said...

1. I really like the name Domestic Mama. Has a nice ring to it.
2. Favorite regional cuisine - that would have to be good ol' American. And by that I mean food from the south!

Cindy said...

Hi Michelle.
1. I have to agree that the Domestic Mama can encompass more topics but the Village Cook is a great name also. I think you may be leaning toward the Village Cook and if so, go for it!
2. I love Mexican and Asian food! More importantly, as most of us these days, easy and quick are always the keywords!
Thanks and have a great day!

Michelle said...


1.) First of all I definitely agree with the first commenter Heather to keep your name Domestic Mama since you sometimes talk about un-food related things. I like it and it suits you!

2.) Thai and Mexican are my favorite food's to eat as well as cook!

Donna said...

Welcome to the foodie blog roll. Great site. Keep up the good work!

5thsister said...

I agree. The Domestic Mama is what we know you by. And as others have said, it doesn't pigeonhole you into a one dimensional blog.

Regional food: I live in the South (originally from the midwest) and I just love "greens", Southern fried chicken and pulled pork barbecue. I would love to live in New England so I could eat some fresh Maine lobster or have a creamy clam chowder with a side of "fiddleheads". But then again, Midwestern beef is pretty darn tasty, too. That's what I love about being a love it all! LOL! And as I mentioned before my favorite International cuisine is Greek and Middle Eastern (I am eating hummus as I type!)

Good luck with the contest, Michelle!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Hello :) So, first question: I like the name Domestic Mama, please keep it! And 2, I love southern food, even though I rarely get to eat it 'cause I'm a born and raised Californian. Of course, I also love California-cuisine (lots of fresh produce, a mix of Italian and Mexican styles).

Lisa said...

Just found your blog on The Foodie Blogroll. Nice!

1. I like Domestic Mama

2. Hard question but I will say Italian if that is what I had to eat everyday.

Andrea Leland said...

Just found your blog and am really enjoying it!

1. What drew me to your blog was the name - domestic mama. I think because I could relate to it. My vote is to definately keep The Domestic Mama.

2. I live in New England and love NE cuisine, especially in the fall. Local apples, pumpkins, cheeses, are all wonderful to cook and bake with. And the seafood is fantastic. So my favorite regional cuisine is North East, specifically New England cuisine.

Nishant said...

I really like the name Domestic Mama. Has a nice ring to it.
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Brandi Bond said...

I think you should stick with Domestic Mama. It's unique and it makes you relatable to us moms out there who try to keep some of the old fashioned traditions alive by having family dinners and making meals from scratch rather than buying so much processed food.

I would really love to see some recipes for Indian cuisine! I love spicy food and I think that would be a neat segment for you to do!

Jennelle said...

1) I love The Domestic Mama, it helps to encompass the fact that some days you have more then just Foodie posts, it also ties into Mamakeith!

2) As for regional foods I am beginning to develop a passion for Greek food, although I could never pass up a Japanese steakhouse!