Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boston cream cake roll's not that hard. Keep reading.... I had some leftover cream filling from my daughters birthday, so in the middle of the night I thought this may be a good way to use it. (aside from eating it with a spoon!)
beat 5 egg whites till stiff, and then beat in 1/4 cup sugar...1 tbs at a time. Your egg whites should look like this.

now, beat those 5 egg yolks along with 1/4 cup sugar and some vanilla until they are thick and a nice buttery shade of yellow. (5 min or so....)

gently fold the two together along with 1/2 cup flour and spread it into a jelly roll pan that had been greased and the bottom is lined with parchment paper.

bake at 350 for 15minutes. During that time put a dishtowel out and dust it with powdered sugar. When the cake is done, slide a knife around the edges, and remove from pan while it's hot.(I burnt my finger with this one....)

Trim away 1/4 from each side to make it look nice and even. Roll up, starting from the short side.Place on a rack to cool, seam side down

Now, for the filling- mine was leftover but here are some suggestions: vanilla pudding, raspberry/strawberry jam, cool whip, use your imagination! I know it won't be "Boston" without the creme. But, chocolate goes with a lot. Spread your filling and gently re roll the cake-with out the towel.

I melted chocolate chips and some cream to make the drizzles... but later on I thought that "magic shell" ice cream topping probably would have worked, too. See? Not that hard. And impressive, too. Enjoy.


Coleen's Recipes said...

Oh my Lord, this looks beautiful!! Great instructions. I love making old fashioned jelly rolls but I'm sure my family would really enjoy cream inside of one. You did a beauiful job and GREAT phototgraphy.

Anonymous said...

This looks so very impressive. I always read about jelly roll if "Well, if you have an oven, you know what a jelly roll pan is...but I do (have an oven) and I don't (know what a jelly roll pan is). Guess I'll have to make it my business to find out, though, because this roll looks sooooOoooo yum.

Michelle said...

This looks TERRIFIC! Love the pictures and that pudding oozing out makes my mouth water!

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome!!! Yum :)

ChristineM said...

This looks great!!! I love Boston Cream anything, and I HAVE to try this sometime! Thanks!