Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tonight's dinner plans-tomorrow's post!

Tonight's meal will be roast chicken with noodles and peas in a creamy herb wine sauce...I'm hoping to get some good photos for y'all! My cookie invention from earlier last week was yummy..but ugly. So... I must do some tweaking to that recipe. Then it will be post-worthy! Welcome to the new fans I've noticed..hope to see more comments coming so I can hold a contest! As for the comments on the empanada dough: it's in the frozen/Latin section of supermarkets here... it's great for lots of things, sweet and savory! I will have to post my guava tarts soon. EASY!


Coleen's Recipes said...

Beautiful herbs. I'm in the process of drying my herbs...they have been growing out of their pots!!

5thsister said...

Basil and Rosemary! A wonderful combination. Can't wait to see "dinner".